• Safety, Security, Compliance & Well-being
    From the biggest urban regeneration projects in Europe to the management of the cities security

United SpA

United S.p.A. is an international experienced Italian company, dealing with planning implementation and urban areas regeneration. The Group’s companies guarantee services and consultancy at every stage of its implementation: from conception to planning, from the site’s risk analysis to its management, from remote monitoring to on-site supervision, from the environmental regulation compliance control to realized safety management. Security, safety, legality, risk prevention, quality of life and enhancement of real estates are the objectives pursued. All risk aspects are analyzed by using a proprietary methodology that guarantees business continuity and project development thanks to cutting-edge technological solutions, as well as regulatory compliance and the highest ethical standards.

Thanks to an innovative, multidisciplinary and integrated approach, poses itself as the sole speaker in these areas:

  • Due Diligence
  • Procurement assistance
  • Engineering consultancy & design
  • Construction sites management: DL, RL e CSE
  • Environmental security and remediation site
  • Risk management: analysis, risk assessment and management
  • Well-being and urban security

United Group’s multidisciplinary expertise enables to support architecture studies, designers, public administrators and private companies.


We guarantee, thanks to our experience and acquired skills, an integrated, complete and coordinated response.
We achieve our objective by applying a proprietary method that involves the entire chain of Group’s companies.
We are characterized by a unique approach which effectively combines the values of ethics and legality with the best technological solutions on the market.


United, before being a Group of companies, is a team of people that shares, in some cases even unconsciously, a value system that is reflected in internal and external relationships, from collaborators to customers.
We believe that ethics represents a competitive factor that must be declined with innovation in respect of people and the environment.

Our Reality

United Consulting Engineering Srl

United Consulting Engineering Srl is an integrated engineering company. Its divisions offer a complete range of planning and consultancy services: plants; structures; sustainability certifications; fire prevention; acoustic problems; job security. Its team of engineers work closely with architecture firms for a tailor-made service.

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U.lab Srl

U.lab Srl is specialized in urban regeneration projects thanks to strategic solutions whose targets are aimed at urban safety and well-being. Its territorial governance solutions make re-thinking about and revitalizing degraded areas possible, restoring value to environmentally compromised area whose safety is at risk. It acts thanks to a constant dialogue with public administrations and real estate operators and architecture studies, whilst creating synergies and connections. It designs smart and sustainable innovative areas for a high quality of life.

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Pasa Labs Srl

Pasa Labs Srl has been following companies in the path of environmental respect by carrying out chemical, physical, biological and microbiological analyzes for about thirty years. It prepares studies and projects, assures assistance in administrative paths for obtaining authorizations and certifications, it realizes Eco Audit and first and second level Due Diligence, and entrusts itself with tasks for conducting appraisals in the context of legal disputes and working management.

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Flyted Srl

Flyted S.r.l. is an innovative start-up that uses UAS (Unmanned Aerial Systems, i.e. drones), satellites, sensors and topographic-grade technologies to carry out 3D surveys, inspections and monitoring.
It is a company specialized in the management and execution of operations in critical scenarios, with a proven track record of surveying and inspections on bridges, viaducts, radio towers and construction site areas. It returns geo-referenced digital twins, which allow you to carry out in-depth analyzes, both visual and structural, of the built ("As-Built") or of the design and construction phases of a work. The data are managed and delivered on the “TED” digital platform, developed by Flyted based on previous experiences and on customer specifications, capable of making three-dimensional visualization, analyzes and technical-structural reports usable. Data delivery is certified by Blockchain notarization.

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United Risk Management SpA

United Risk Management S.p.A. is the Italian leader in the field of security, safety and compliance of the re-development, management and real estate development activities. Its integrated safety and risk management system is based on a proprietary methodology that integrates consulting services, investigative activities and the use of the most modern technologies aiming to prevent the risks of crime in all its expressions. It is provided with a supervisory institute and a UNI 10891: 2000 certified 24/7 operational centre.

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